North Korea: A deadly nuclear threat on the Korean Peninsula

North Korea: A World Nuclear Launch Threat That Is Imminent

Sec. of State Tillerson
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Today Secretary of State Tillerson said in an interview he had a number of issues about the rogue state of North Korea. they included the following:

– The denuclearization of North Korea;
– The China needs to work closely with the US to eliminate the North Korean threat posture;
– That Chinese leader Xi Jinping develop a high level dialogue with President Trump;
Tillerson’s trip was said to have been cut short due to his fatigue, however, there is clearly a deteriorating political situation in south Korea and the leadership of the country remains in flux.

The Secretary reiterated that the American objective was to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. Tillerson said that a continuing diminishing situation with North Korea could result in the US assisting japan and South Korea achieving an equal or exceeding nuclear capability, as a deterrent, to the threatening nuclear tone of North Korea.

N. Korean President KIm
North Korean Army and President Kim

Strong sanctions are being pursued currently and the US, in addition, is seeking stronger Chinese ties as a buffer to the angry North Koreans. China, itself, also has a policy of denuclearizing the Korean  peninsula.

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